Delicious Japanese Biscuit Snacks

Meiji is a Japanese company that produces a variety of biscuits, chocolates & snacks that are imported from the company’s Singapore facilities. The products imported to South Africa include Hello Panda and Yan Yan.

Hello Panda
This small, panda-shaped shortbread biscuit has been in production for over 30 years and has become a firm favourite all over the world. Each biscuit is hollow centred and filled with either milk cream, strawberry or chocolate filling. Hello Panda biscuits are available in 35g aluminium pouches.

Yan Yan
This delicious biscuit snack is presented in a sealed package with 2 compartments – one containing biscuit sticks, and the other a flavoured dipping ‘mousse’. Available flavours include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

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